Wedding Anniversary Meanings

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts Meanings By Year

 Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Since the medieval ages, people have been celebrating anniversaries, and yet it has not lost its charm. The reason is that love is eternal, and so is the celebration. Marriage is the sacred chain that binds two loving hearts together through thick and thin. Anniversary celebration rekindles the romance in the life of a married couple. Therefore, it is imperative to make our better half feel loved on the day of our marriage, the most important day of our life.

 Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year from 1st to the 25th anniversary

Grand celebration of wedding anniversary after 25 or 50 successful years of marriage is quite in vogue in all parts of the world. But, the years in between are indeed the building blocks that are behind the success of 25 or 50 years of togetherness. Every anniversary is unique because it complements the whole year you have spent together. Each anniversary represents a particular facet of your commitment, a significant stage in your conjugal life. Here is a list of the most passionate Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year based on your year of marriage.

1st anniversary: what to give?

The first anniversary arrives pretty fast. The first year of marriage is like a beautiful dream, no less magical than a fairy tale. The best traditional way of proving your devotion to someone after one happy year of marriage is through paper wedding gifts. Though the theme is paper, it does not mean there are only dull stationary gifts available. You can name a star after the name of your beloved and present the certificate to her to see that precious smile on her face. You can give your husband tickets to his favorite game. You can also make your spouse feel special by writing how thankful you are to have him/her in your life.

2nd, 3rd and 4th anniversary: flowers, leather, linen or geraniums?

The second anniversary unquestionably calls for a second honeymoon to the hills or the beaches. If you wish to keep it simple, cotton sheets are perfect traditional things to be given on the 2nd wedding anniversary. The third anniversary is about leather. Give your bae a leather wallet with some money inside it or a leather- covered photo album with your best photographs inside it. Bring home lovely cushions or bed linen for your bed on the fourth year of your marriage.

5th to 9th wedding anniversaries: how to celebrate

In Wales, all celebrate the 5th anniversary by giving wood. You can try the same by presenting ‘lovespoons’ made of wood as ‘spooning’ means ‘romancing.’ To celebrate your six years of married life, bring home a puppy. On the 7th anniversary, woolen gifts like a cashmere sweater would be lovely. 8th and 9th anniversaries are dedicated to bronze and pottery respectively. If you are a romantic person, visit the pottery café in your neighborhood and create something for your spouse.

To celebrate 10 years of togetherness:

When 10 years are over, you can be considered a mature couple. After loving each other for a decade, it is time to celebrate your passion for each other in a grand way. Invite your family, close friends and all those who matter on this special day. As an ideal gift for the 10th anniversary, nothing beats precious gems. Surprise your better half with a diamond necklace to wear with her stunning attire on this auspicious occasion. For husbands, diamond rings would be perfect.

11th and 12th-anniversary celebration ideas

Morning glory is the flower that you should bring to your paramour on your 11th anniversary. For gifts, steel would be utterly ideal for this occasion. On your 12th anniversary, won’t you like to see your beautiful wife wrapped in silk and satin? Give here silk lingerie and make the night a memorable one.

How to celebrate 13th, 14thand 15thwedding anniversary?

Romantic lace is for your 13th marriage anniversary. You can plan a trip to Burges which is famous for lace-making.  On the 14th anniversary, you can gift either ivory or opal. After 15 romantic years have passed, it is apparently time to renew your wedding vows. The event can be made formal in the presence of near and dear ones, or you can do it in private in a romantic way.

20th anniversary

After 20 precious years of love, you can arrange a fancy dress party or go on a tour to any foreign destination.

25th anniversary

25 years means you have achieved a significant milestone. In Germany, husbands used to give silver to their wives to prove their affection after 25 successful years as man and wife. You can even put your best photograph in a lovely frame of silver.

Anniversaries are all about making each other feel special. So, you can always find out unique ways to express your love towards your husband/wife on this precious day.