Traditional, Unusual, Unique First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife & Husband

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is it your first wedding anniversary? What is the best gift for husband or wife on the 1st marriage anniversary?We completely understand how special this day is for you and your marriage anniversary. You must be looking for a perfect first wedding anniversary gift to see that priceless look on his/ her face. Sometimes, it is tough to decide what to give a person that will be adored and cherished for years. Various traditional gift items are available. But you have spent 365 days together with lots of good joy and happiness. So it should be something special. Paper represents the infant stage, the newness of your bond. The clock stands for the years you are going to spend together as husband and wife. Here is a list of fantastic wedding gift ideas to help you decide what to give your better half on that auspicious day so that it can make that day much more memorable. There are several items to choose from, depending on your taste and requirement.

Bouquet of Carnations – If you want to gift your loved one something different instead of giving a modern or traditional gift, you may consider gifting a bouquet of carnations. A bouquet of carnations is usually recognized to be an official anniversary gift. It is a symbol of youth and passionate love, something that will complement your one year of togetherness as husband and wife. So, strengthen your bond with your loved one by gifting that person some carnation on your special day.

Memory Book – These days all our beautiful pictures are stored on our computers and our smartphones. But, going through old photographs together is indubitably a rejuvenating and romantic experience. Since it is going to be your first-marriage anniversary gift, you can pick your best wedding and honeymoon photos. You can make a beautiful scrapbook of your cutest, most romantic pictures. Below each image, you can write a sweet, personal message that will take you both back to those beautiful, initial days as a married couple.
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Pearl Jewelry – Pearl, since ages, is the choicest gemstone to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. A pearl is something that requires years to be formed, and then it takes the form of something extraordinarily beautiful. It’s a very thoughtful marriage anniversary gift. Moreover, without proper care, the nacre coating can be detached. So, your wife is going to take care of it as she has been nurturing the relationship between you two for years.

Origami Clock – Origami clock is undoubtedly unusual however one of the most preferred wedding anniversary gifts. You can either spend hours to make it, pouring in all your love. If you are a diligent person, you can purchase an origami clock for your bae. From a wide range of origami clocks available, choose a design that will go hand in hand with your home décor. After hanging it in your room, your partner will positively be reminded of your exceptional love, each time she looks at the clock for viewing time.

Calendar – Are you wondering that calendars are just ordinary papers having nothing special about them? We will tell you how a calendar can become a very thoughtful and unique anniversary gift for your love. Won’t it be awesome if you gift your life partner a calendar in which specific dates will be circled? While he/ she will wonder what is going to happen on those dates, hand the tickets for a romantic tour. It is going to make your partner jump with joy like a child.

A limited Je T’aime sign – A beautiful and elegant, gold-plated Je T’aime sign would be more than perfect. If you hang it above your bed, this marriage anniversary gift is going to be the first thing you both will see after waking up. It will positively draw a beautiful smile on your face. It works as a great mood lifter which allows you to start your day cheerfully. Saying ‘I love you” in French apparently makes it more special and romantic.

Matching pajamas – For the couple who loves to spend hours in bed, not just making love but also cuddling and sleeping in each other’s arms, nothing can be more significant than matching pajamas for them. Buy a new set of same pajamas for both of you and make more memories in bed. It will be a simple yet meaningful anniversary gift.

These are some of the best marriage anniversary gifts ideas for you. Don’t forget to give it a try. We would love to hear your experience whether it’s good, or great!