Top 10 Cute, Creative, Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend

By | 02/24/2018

Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend
As the date of your anniversary approaches so does your anxiety of picking out the best anniversary gifts. There are so many options available, which one would suit your guy’s tastes? Naturally, he deserves one (or all) of the top 10 anniversary gifts for boyfriend to realize how awesome he is. From 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th years anniversary gifts the way to a man’s heart is the best available anniversary gifts. And for all you new lovers that are just starting out from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, even 6th months starting out together.

Here are the top anniversary gifts for your beloved boyfriend that will make your guy ecstatic!


Is your boyfriend an avid reader who lives and breathes books? Then the best thing that you can give him is books! Or how about giving him a device on which he can read any book his heart wishes for. It’s one of the perfect anniversary gifts especially if he travels a lot and you are running out of space due to him hoarding books. From magazines to newspapers to novels, an e-Reader would be his one-stop companion.


Watches may seem like clichéd anniversary gifts but here’s a magic trick that can positively revamp it: Personalization! For a more memorable experience! Have his name engraved on the inner side of the dial. You can even have your wedding date etched on it. You can always gift it with a tag that says “Time stopped when I first met you” and you have just got yourself a winner! With a little imagination, even the most seemingly dull gifts can be turned into exciting stuff.


A man loves nothing more than his personalized wallet. This is simple but still creative when adding your personal touch to it. It is his trusty friend that he will carry with him until it turns to tatters. Thus, gifting him a wallet is one of the safest anniversary gifts for you and counted to be one of the bests among these unique gift ideas. Buy one of good quality and with enough storage and he will worship your choice!


Amongst all the wedding anniversary gifts, this one is a smart gift. Primarily, this gift is meant for you, but he will wear it! While it is not entirely cheating considering that you may have picked out a brand or a fragrance that he is going to like. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, you will get to smell, so it is a win-win after all! Give him a cologne that will make him memorable.

​ImageProduct Name and DescriptionProduct Link
Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
Lose himself in a book, as they say buy once and let him read everywhere. If he's a book worm, a simple kindle is the perfect gift to share with him.

Check price
Men's stainless steel navy blue and silver watch

Men's stainless steel navy blue and silver watch
The rose gold and blue look amazing together. A must to have! Looks even better in person. I have received many compliments on it.

best noise cancelling headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones
Superior sound to block out any noise in the owners surroundings, the COWIN active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones are comfortable and proven great for traveling long periods of time. Set your boyfriend up with a great headset to take on the road or business trips.

Extra LARGE custom wallet for men

Extra LARGE custom wallet for men
This wallet is customizable to give him a picture of the first memory you had together and every significant photo since. Grace his everyday wallet with beautiful memories of what you both have together to remind him every time he opens it.

Classy Cologne as seen in Google

Classy Cologne as seen in Google
Ranked as one of the sexiest best colognes according to women. Have your men smelling sexier than the norm, and you enjoying the smell 24/7. Or try him out in a new scent for you both to enjoy.

Knife Sharpener Bestseller Amazon

Knife Sharpener Bestseller Amazon
You can't go wrong if your boyfriends a handyman, and doesn't quite have all the tools he needs. This innovative belt sharpening system is satisfactory to any tool cabinet and garage for all tools sharpening needs.

NFL Green Bay Packers Full-Print Tool Box

NFL Green Bay Packers Full-Print Tool Box
"GO PAC GO!" Toolbox if he's a cheesehead. Toolbox for tools to take with him in the car with backup tools in case of emergencies.

Nintendo System Mario Bros Games Included

Nintendo System Mario Bros Games Included
Take each other back to your childhood days with the NES system and all Mario Bros games, talk about competitive! The good days before 3D and graphics became another level in 2018. Surprise him with a date together on the NES.

GoPro HERO6 best price

GoPro Hero has been one of the most used cameras for outdoor activities, and fun. You can give him a gift to record his memories in parkour, skiing, swimming, doing crazy stunts.

LyteShow Hangover Powder 40 servings

LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration
Looking for something to help cure his hangovers quickly and faster than powerade or smart water? Take care of him with LyteShow, just add water.

Brew O Poly

Brew O Poly
You know your man by now, if you love drinking games together. Why not try a new game together? An oozy game like BrewOPoly!

Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Are you looking for something to give your man's beautiful face a soft touch or to help thicken his beard for every time you kiss him? Try out the shampoo and conditioner combo.

Neon Drone

Neon Drone
If your man is into LED or geek squad central, he would be highly impressed with the UFO Drone Quadcopter, it's easy to fly and super bright LED lighting.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set
A universal table could be something described here, yet here we have a JOOLA 15mm table tennis, ultimate for parties or bracket competitions done at home.

Original BB-8 by Sphero

Original BB-8 by Sphero
Star Wars has taken off recently, although it's been recently renewed with Stars I-III, there are the long time star wars fans who live for every collector's item. A game changing experience with the Sphero, a remarkable remote controlled BB8.

SubPac M2X Wearable Physical Audio System

SubPac M2X Wearable Physical Audio System
A transformative audio experience is exactly what he'll get with the SubPac M2X Physical Audio System. Taking virtual reality and sound systems to a whole new level. Giving him something to fall in love with.

best drone gift

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100
A more distinctive way of spying, we mean flying around a drone in the neighborhood. A persistent quadcopter that comes with a remote and video along with it. This will blow his mind.

coffee maker gift

Keurig K-Select K-Cup Pod Single-Serve Coffee Maker Brewer
If he still owns a coffee maker he bought from the dollar store long ago, and it's filled with slime you can see, but he can't. It's time to pack it away and upgrade him with a programmable auto on/off feature pod coffee maker from Keurig. A reliable name to coffee pots around the world.

walkie talkie gifts

36 Mile Two Way Radio
Bless his outdoor adventures with a 50 channel option, 36 miles in range, two way radio. Solid communication devices to ensure his outdoor adventures are a blast and safe with the ability to speak to and from companions

buy police handcuffs

ViperTek Handcuffs
Plan a kinky night together, anniversary night could be like reliving the first time you had a sensual intimate night.. It's that or changing up both of your skills by adding something new to your romance in private quarters. Push out of the comfort zone!

bluetooth earbuds with mic

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Trending
The design of these headphones will blow him away, it's not exactly the wireless earbuds like Apple has going on, but it allows 12 hours of playing time with music on a 2 hour full charge. On the bright side, the bluetooth setting allows a fast pairing that connects quickly to multiple devices.

Neon Lights Car Underbody

LED underglow car lights kit
Men and their whips, cars, and accessories. Heighten his swag with the LED underglow lights kit for any car's undercarriage. He'll stand out and look sleek in the streets at nightfall.

Back Massaging Cushion

Back Massaging Cushion
Whether it's been a long or tough day at work, or he wants to unwind and play video games for a time period. The couch is fine, the recliner is cool, but the Vibrating massage heat cushion will turn up the comfort and love for you, that is for sure!

moisturizing socks

Codream Large Men Moisturizing Socks
Tired of his complaints about his cracked and dry feet? Or worried that he doesn't take care of his feet like he should? Hook him up with Gel Socks that are much better than the traditional home remedy of Ziploc bags. Socks perfect for an outing and comfy to his liking.

Penguin Hockey Sports Memorabilia

Penguin Hockey Sports Memorabilia
Pittsburgh Penguins Collectors Items for the NHL Ultimate Lover. If the Penguins are his team, he is bound to adore any selection from the Pittsburgh Penguins, or check out the various NHL hockey team collections

​Artist's Pad Gift

Artist's Pad
Hakutatz A4 LED 14" Tracing Light Box Drawing Tattoo Board Pad Table Stencil Artist 12V with Rotating Pad and Clip.

buy Hawaiian Shirt

La Leela Hawaiian Shirt
Plan a trip to Hawaii or the Exotic Islands, a great idea would be on anniversary day to present this shirt neatly wrapped in a box with two tickets to vacation together. Or have him wear something outside of his norm.

snap circuit kits amazon

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Exploration Kit
Electronics and circuits with the SnapCiruits Discovery Kit includes 80 pieces to have him creating over 750 different types of projects, something to get him going and into discovering a side of him he might have never known.

smart light bulbs bluetooth

Bluetooth Light Bulbs
Heighten his man cave with the bluetooth light bulbs, or set the mood with them in his home together. Custom and able to change the variation of colors through mobile devices. Definitely a keeper idea!

Black Flask for Men

Black Flask for Men
The black matte finish makes this VISOL flask look rich and stylish on its own. A classy idea for your boyfriend and his drinking days to utilize this sleek flask. He will not let it go to waste.

Personalized Bracelet Gift for Men

Personalized Bracelet
Zene Z2 Mens Bracelet Genuine Leather Titanium Chain and Magnetic Clasp, 8.46 inches

Beer Waist Pack Holder-Amazon Choice

Beer Waist Pack Holder-Amazon Choice
Provide laughter and smiles when showing your boyfriend this hilarious 6 pack Holster for drinks or beers, something that he can use up around parties with friends and family to get the crowd talking and interacting.

best geek LED keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma
Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard for the game lover online to play comfortablly with the wrist rest included as well. Give your man a keyboard he will love and enjoy due to the unique qualities it has to transform from the normal keyboards.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S
Upgrade his gaming system to the Xbox One S with a headset included. Show him you care enough to buy a new and even better system. He will for sure love you even more than the moon and back with this fantastic idea.


Is your boyfriend a sports fanatic? If yes then the best anniversary gift would definitely be a ticket to the latest sporting event happening in your town. Better yet, you can get a couple’s ticket and enjoy cute moments with him.

Tool box

If your boyfriend is a tinkerer and likes to fix things around, you can surely gift him a toolbox. There are so many personalized toolboxes available in the markets that you will find it hard to make your pick. By picking one of these toolkits as your anniversary gift, you can let him know that he is your favourite handyman. That is why it has also grabbed a position in this list.


Everyone loves stationery so you can never go wrong! And this is where you can get creative. Whether it is customized letterheads or even pens, he will definitely go gaga over it. It’s true especially if your partner is a poet at heart. Gift him pens and diaries, and you will make him the happiest man on the earth. Every time he will take out his pen to write, he will think of your beautiful anniversary gift. Check out some more valuable gift ideas, and you’ll surely find a winner among these amazing gift items.

Video Game

Men never grow up, they just get better at disguising their childishness. So gifting him one of the most coveted video games is definitely a worthy anniversary gifts. If he already owns a PlayStation or an Xbox, you can gift him new games or consoles depending on his needs! Make it an even more romantic night together and stay up late learning a new video game with him. What’s cuter than being two best friends on the floor playing video games all night?


Guys love gadgets. So our next suggestion in this list of unique anniversary gifts is an interesting gadget. Just mention any electronic device, and you will see them spurting out its specifications. There is a range of gadgets that you can give as anniversary gifts. Depending on your budget, you choose any mobile phones or tablets and even settle for headphones. Make it romantic by getting him an old school gadget he used to use and love as a child.

Gift Voucher

Men love their freedom and what’s a better way to give that freedom than giving him the gift of choice! Gift Vouchers are the perfect anniversary gifts for independent men.

Which of these anniversary gifts would you prefer?

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