Shopping for your best friend’s wedding without treading the conventional route

Shopping for your best friend’s wedding without treading the conventional route. You planned the wedding gift for months, shopped the entire city leaving shop owners perplexed calling you a choosy moron, got the best packaging services to wrap your romantic wedding gift like a hidden treasure, expecting your best friend to jump in ecstasy and hug you like the good old college days.

What happens next?

Your best friend doesn’t want to talk about your wedding gift because it’s the same items given to him by scores of other guests at the auspicious occasion.

Do you want to avoid such disasters?

Then please have a look at our painstakingly compiled list of wedding gifts before reaching your best friend’s wedding with an apparent dull gift in a shiny new package.

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The basics of a unique wedding gift are as follows:

• Choose personalized gifts in tune with the tastes and preferences of the cute couple. Noone knows your best friend like you do!

• Unique and creative which would remain special till the next anniversaries.

• Well thought gifts showing that you care for them.

• Filling the missing links in their drawing room, garden or maybe the kitchen. Out of the box, wedding gifts to make your friendship more special.

• Baby gardens

If your friend is a nature lover, then nothing better than a portable garden in open glass holders.

Such mini gardens hardly ask for space and can be comfortably kept on table-top or fixed at the window.

It’s an ideal wedding gift for a couple residing in a small apartment where thinking of free garden space is utopian.

Just like aquariums, these glass chambers are filled with small herbs.

Apart from water and sunlight, these plants require nothing else to survive for long years.

Perhaps this is the most long-lasting wedding gift that your friend might receive.

Even after his 10th anniversary, this plant will remind him of his wedding day.

As a safe practice, these gifts can be sent by courier a day or two before the wedding day, or it might get damaged in

the hara-kiri of the wedding ceremony.

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• Cookery books to grab that permanent spot in their kitchen

If your best buddy is an out and out foodie, then we guess excellent cooking books with hundreds of mouth-watering recipes is the way to go.

Every time they pull off a particular dish in the kitchen, the romantic couple will think you in the most gratifying sense.

• Classy artifacts which would embrace their wall for a lifetime

Art lovers would nail their teeth into these pictures printed on a creative photo frame and hang it to their drawing room walls till their 50th anniversary maybe.

So, just order an exclusive painting or some indigenous work of handicraft artistry and see your wedding gift sitting royally in the couple’s drawing room.

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• Contemporary Wine carrier to give them company in their lovely evenings


Designer packages for wrapping up the old wine bottle are going to work wonders for the couples famous in social circles as outgoing party lovers.

The wine carrier must look snazzy with romantic wedding quotes engraved on it.

Trust me; they will never throw this into the storeroom for at least 10 years or more.

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• Wooden watch case to take care of their special watches

Gifting a classy wooden watch box is ideal for a working couple.

They might not have an appropriate box to keep their chic wrist watches after coming from the office.

If your best friend and his bride are perpetual workaholics, this high-quality wooden package would be a symbol of your genuine affection for years to come.

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Gift cards to shop for their newlywed household

Not very emotional, but choose the most practical wedding gift for close friends.

A stranger might feel a bit belittled on such a monetary present with no emotions.

But your close friends will understand your noble thought process and go ahead on a shopping spree.

It’s one of the smartest ways to extend financial support to the couple in setting up their new home. Give them the purchasing power and the freedom to buy whatever they want.

Be their interior designer with an eye candy indoor water fountain.

A newlywed romantic couple is anxious to get the perfect look for their new home. Nowadays a new trend is in fashion. It’s gifting of water fountain or other house decoration articles.

Be their interior design savior by gifting an impressive table fountain or indoor water fountain. Online stores are offering an endless variety of water fountains.

Choose any one of them and pack this special gift for your best friend on his wedding day.

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Some of the inexpensive but effective wedding gift ideas are:

• Latest kitchen croquet set for the cooking lovers.

• Glassware to decorate the new home.

• Jewelry box for the bride.

• Name engraved wedding cake with cheese spread.


As we mentioned shopping for your best friends wedding could be challenging. We hope that we gave you a bit of inspiration and hope you both have a great time enjoying shopping for your best friends wedding. This moment will be unforgettable to the both of you! We hope that you share your great memories with us!