5 Romantic DIY Anniversary Gifts to ignite the love within

Planning a gift for the loved one is really difficult because we often want to gift something that will always be remembered by them forever. If you love to remind your partner of how much you love him, the gift has to be different as well as unique in its own way. Expressing love is usually tricky, but here we are with 5 Romantic Anniversary Gifts Ideas which will leave your partner in surprise and awe.

# 1. A trip to a distant place

If your partner loves to travel, make sure that you plan a trip on the weekend, so he is left in all the more surprising. You can organize a trip to a place surrounded by nature and mountains if he/she is a person who loves mountains.

You can plan a trip to a place which has beaches so he/she can relax the weekend seeing the beautiful sunset on the horizon. Planning something that he/she loves always leaves the person in the surprised state of mind and makes him realize that you remember and cherish his likes and hobbies. Another great addition would be to cook them breakfast in bed at this wonderous location.

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Imagine waking up to your loved one in the tropics, or looking at such a view eating a meal together.


# 2. Go down the memory lane

You can go down the memory lane by creating a memory book with all the pictures of your times together. Such moments often get lost with time, but you can make those moments alive again by creating a memory book of them.
It will also be one of the best wedding anniversary gifts anyone can give their partner because you can also write a personal message of every photo that you attach to it. This one will act as a cherry on the cake for your partner.

# 3. Outdoor adventure indoor

You can have the outdoor adventure indoor by making your place look different for your partner. It can be done by rearranging the entire house and also by fixing a camping tent within the home.

In this way, you can have the adventure of outdoor camping even during the cold and harsh winter months. You can create the lights using the fairy lights and switch off all the other lights of the house making it dark enough to ignite the love between you two. Make all his favorite dishes and have a fantastic night remembering all the times together.


Romantic Anniversary Gifts

# 4. The memory jar

For this, you will need a jar and pieces of paper. Write down all the memories and the qualities of your partner on those notes, fold them and tie with a string of thread. Gift this to your partner and let him/ her read all the messages by themselves. Re-create all those moments and times which were lost somewhere.

Ignite the love which usually gets lost due to the routine and work schedule. Make your partner realize how much you love him or her by making this jar full of memories and times you both have spent together.


# 5. Video message

Make a video message from all the people who know your partner closely and are very close to them. It should be done very secretly and privately so that your partner does not come to know of the surprise before the final day.
The people can recall their favorite moment that they spent with your partner.

It makes them realize that there are people who will love them forever, despite their flaws. And in the end, you can add your message giving him the final surprise by telling him/her how much he/she means to you. In short, it’s time to remind your loved one that he or she is your world.


Give it a go trying out these Romantic Anniversary Gifts ideas! 


Well, here you have it with this read, we have mentioned a few of the most romantic DIY anniversary gift to show your love for your loved one by doing it yourself. Go ahead and shower the love you have for your partner. Make each year better and better!