21 Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas on a Budget That won’t hurt your purse

A delightful Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas that doesn’t hurt your purse

The anniversary is a grand celebration of unity which binds a relationship, year after year.

It is the next most significant day in the life of a married couple, apart from the wedding ceremony.

Until and unless you want to throw a surprise party, involving other members of the family sets the ball rolling.

Everyone would feel the pride that they contributed to the anniversary.

Let’s brush up on some vital ingredients for the anniversary recipe.

Now, let’s talk about some Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas that won’t hurt your purse.


  • Strike the right chords with the right anniversary theme.


Anniversaries are like wine, gets better and better with age. Sit down on the weekend, do some brainstorming and come up with a unique theme matching the tastes and preferences of the married couple and guests involved. If the couple is an ardent reader of Shakespeare, an anniversary theme of Romeo and Juliet or Midsummer Night’s Dream will bring you accolades from the guests and even within the family.

Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas

Formal parties involving colleagues and business partners ask for an elegant and cohesively designed theme with true colors and minimal pictures on the wall or table. On the other hand, casual anniversaries, involving the family members and close friends only, are better off with off the wall themes like rustic outdoors dinner or southwest inspired fun-filled and frolicking adventure.


  • Right on the money with the perfect venue.


Choosing a suitable venue for the anniversary depends more on judgment than on the wallet.

For a small get together, the drawing room hall or garden in the courtyard will suffice.

For a grand ceremony inviting a large number of guests, choosing a prime venue is better.

Most of these party halls offer an umbrella of services like catering, decorations, photography, etc.

Different types of anniversary packages are available for every kind of budget.

Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas

An anniversary party can be located at the following venues depending upon the budget, number of guests, weather conditions at the time of anniversary:-

  • At home
  • Hotel ball room
  • Church
  • friend/ relative’s house
  • restaurant


Saving money without degrading the Wedding unity ceremony

  • Invitations can be sent by email or by creating an event on Facebook, thus saving the cost of printed invitation cards and RSVPs.


  • A proper invitation includes all the unique details such as the name of the couple, the number of years to be celebrated at the event, date and time of the party along with the full address of the location.


  • RSVPs are a must considering the food, drinks and other arrangements at stake for every guest. Undoubtedly, RSVP saves precious dollars wasted on guests who just don’t turn up for the ceremony.


  • If the anniversary theme asks for a special dress code, it should be clearly mentioned in the invitation so that they can get a yes or no from the guests well in advance.


  • For a small gathering, cooking can be done by you or ask help from family friends is enough to do the job.


  • A bigger anniversary party must be handled by professional caterers, who offer different types of packages to suit every purse.


  • Food wasted is equal to the loss of money. So keep both vegan and non-vegetarian items including a variety of dishes to satisfy one and all.

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Managing the decorations and entertainment bill within your anniversary budget


Whether you’re the host responsible for the party or the couple organizing it themselves, getting the right look for the anniversary decorations makes it to the top of the priority list.


  • Personalized touch, including a collection of photos of the couple, has its own magic when it comes to anniversary decorations.


  • Elegant, multi-colored scheme which goes well with the right mix of artifacts and decoration pieces add grace to the anniversary theme.


  • Simple, time-tested techniques such as candles, paper lanterns, centerpieces, champagne glasses, canvas prints, balloons are budget-friendly ways to decorate the anniversary party.


  • Banners with attractive anniversary quotes and old memorable pictures of the couple relive the entire wedding anniversary in front of the guests.


  • Book a photographer in advance to take photos of the married couple and other events on the anniversary day. These photos will serve as memory banks for years to come.


  • Hire a band to play the favorite playlist or call a DJ to let the guests dance throughout the party. Don’t look to hire someone at the last minute or you might not find the best guy to rock the party. Make a collection of favorite anniversary songs and include it in the music playlist.


  • Have a pre-anniversary discussion with the other family members or relatives. If anybody wants to sing a beautiful song or give an emotional speech, let them do it because wedding unity ceremony is a golden opportunity to express your feelings for the couple.


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Anniversary gifts which are more valuable than a hefty price tag.


  • It’s the personal touch or the efforts put in preparing the gift, which wins the hearts of any married couple.


  • Brainstorming and discussions with other family members and close friends will do wonders bringing out a plethora of ideas which you never thought of.


  • Inexpensive Anniversary Party Ideas which are unique to that little element of surprise will make them feel like the guests of honor. You would love to see your anniversary gift in their cupboard.


Planning an anniversary party is no joke, and getting the mix of fun, entertainment, and adventure within a tight budget is like a tightrope walk. Innovative and practical choices decide the difference between a dull, boring get together and a memorable souvenir. We hope you try some of these cheap budget tips to throw the best anniversary party yet, this year!