5 Ultimate Surprising wedding anniversary gift Ideas for brother and sister in law

Surprising wedding anniversary gift ideas for brother and sister in law

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift for someone we love can be challenging at times. This is because we want to give them something that would reflect how much they mean to us. Also, we want to surprise them with our gifts by giving them something unique, something that’s not an easy guess.

We understand that your brother has always been the apple of your eye. But, your small brother has grown up, and he’s a married man now. Choosing birthday gifts and choosing anniversary gifts are not the same. When we are thinking about anniversary gifts, we need to present something that the couple can enjoy together as a team. Couple t-shirts, wine glasses, mugs sets, etc. are listed among those old traditional gifts. You have to think something out of the box.

7 Popular Marriage Anniversary Songs 2018

Fall in love again with these 7 happy marriage anniversary songs

The anniversary is one of the most special occasions in our life. So, we always want it to be perfect with a romantic setting. Music has a direct connection with our soul and mind. So, without soulful music, a perfect romantic ambience cannot be created. Different genres of music change the entire feel of that particular night. Therefore, you have to choose the best playlist of romantic wedding anniversary songs. You can feel that magic in the air. You can start with smooth R&B, or you can even start with a pop song. We have brought 7 happy marriage anniversary songs for you. These songs will surely give you a clear idea of how your anniversary playlist should be. All the Audio CDs are available at Amazon.

7  Happy marriage anniversary songs for you

  • Natalie Cole’s This Will Be


It’s a classic from 1975 performed by Natalie Cole. This poppy love classic will make you and your beloved laugh and dance together. This incredible song is also a beautiful manifestation of all your experiences and memories as a loving married couple on your anniversary night.

  • Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One

If you want to manifest your love for your beloved partner on this special day, you should play this song “You’re Still The One.” It’s a song from 1998. This particular song wonderfully showcases the meaning of true love. Even after spending so many years together how much one can mean to other.



  • Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love

Elvis Presley’s love ballad is a perfect romantic song to play on your wedding anniversary day. Love is the base of a healthy relationship. So, in spite of spending so many years together if you can’t resist yourself falling in love with your companion, this song deserves to be there in your playlist.



  • The Beatles’s When I’m Sixty-Four


Among various hits of the Beatles, When I’m Sixty-Four is one of the bests. From the name of the song, you may think that this one is only for the old couple. But, it’s actually for newly married who wants to grow older together happily, with full of love and romance.

  • Sonny And Cher’s I Got You, Babe

Sonny And Cher, the lovely couple and the two iconic personalities from the 1960s gifted us this fantastic anniversary song named I Got You, Babe. It’s a full package. In short, it’s romantic as well as sentimental, perfect to play on this lovely occasion.



  • Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley’s (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

Do you remember that iconic movie Dirty Dancing? This movie made them famous. This particular pop ballad has terrific lyrics that tell what you feel for your partner. You’ve never felt in this way before. Your anniversary is the right time to manifest this love for your beloved partner through this romantic song in front of everyone.


  • K-Ci & JoJo’s All My Life

If you have spent your whole life to find the right life partner then “All My Life” from 1997 will serenade your beloved how much he or she means to you.


These songs are capable enough to set your mood for that night. You can choose slow ballads that will make you feel relaxed while upbeat pop will make you dance with your love. No matter what you choose, your love will inevitably fall in love with you again on this anniversary night.

Anniversary trends in vogue for the 2018 Year

Celebrating a wedding anniversary has been an unscathed tradition since ancient times. So you are planning to gift a golden ring or platinum earrings to your spouse, sitting comfortably and having good dinner at a restaurant. I wonder if there is any difference between you and the Greeks or Romans from the pre-Christ era.

In the year 2018, we need to have a close look at the bounty of options available to raise a toast for the longstanding union between you and your spouse. I guess you are reading this article because you don’t want to follow the prehistoric anniversary ideas and finish things off. What’s the novel thought that will make your anniversary a classy event in 2018? A few catchy tips and tricks of the ‘impress your spouse on the anniversary day’ game are here. Kindly read on.

Just don’t bring that obvious white cake for the anniversary.
In 2018, anniversary cakes are out with futuristic shapes and designs to attract one, and all by its killer looks. We have come up with an exclusive list of contemporary anniversary cakes for your 2018 anniversary party.

1) Dripping cakes

Chocolate dripping and multi-colored cake base are quickly becoming the favorite applied designs for any event. Why not use it for this anniversary?

2) Shaggy look

This cute cake can get you more Facebook likes than the anniversary pics. It’s a creative and insane cake making idea.
Every thread is hanging because the cake has been frosted with utmost diligence to get the ‘shaggy’ anniversary cake look.

3) Edible flowers garnished with cactuses and succulents

This anniversary cake looks more like a miniature botanical garden, appreciated wholeheartedly by nature loving romantic couples. Herbs, edible flowers, cactus leaves and succulents can be seen all around. This cake goes well with outdoor anniversary parties and rustic anniversary themes.

4) Ombre cakes are the latest innovation in cake making

Ombre is a new term in cake making and implies the mingling of several shades and colors. It has many variants like edible flowers, cornflowers, etc.

5) Celestial cakes with black colors

A space themed anniversary party calls for a cake made in space. Black colored cake base with different layers gives you the thrill of space adventure and a loud wow from your spouse.

Other than anniversary cakes, these ideas will rule the roost in 2018.

• Scavenger hunt with your family

Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt leaving clues at every point and finally leading to her anniversary gift. This is a fun-filled adventurous way of enjoying your anniversary in 2018.

• Discover new places this anniversary
Taking a much-needed vacation to your dream destination may not always be possible due to financial and work commitments. Be smart and scoot off to a new destination nearby, which doesn’t cost a fortune.

• Dare to start a new activity, learn a new skill together

If your heart is in its right place, I mean if you are in a healthy condition, you can try daredevil stuff like bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing together. For couples with a mild temperament, joining a salsa class or taking piano tuitions is the flawless idea for the 2018 anniversary.

• Heal your mind with silence and peace

Rejuvenating body and soul at a meditation center is not a bad idea at all, especially if you have had enough of phone calls, traffic jams and noise pollution throughout the year2018. Cut yourself from hectic schedules and spend the entire anniversary day looking into each other’s eyes or laughing together at old jokes.

• Get a special tattoo for spouse this anniversary
Just like 2017, the year 2018 is in the grip of newlyweds and lovers getting the name of their beloved engraved on their body parts. Contemporary tattoo artists designing the most unique images can be hired for the special day to get your body engraved with the name of your spouse.

anniversary gift ideas 2018

• Going for a night out together might be the perfect spice in your anniversary cuisine.
Relive your teenage days with a night out to your favorite restaurant, spend the whole night dancing in a disco club, book movie tickets for the late-night show or join an ongoing party on a cruise ship taking pics of the titanic pose are some of the crazy things you might try.

A parting note

We hope that you are all set for the grand anniversary celebrations in 2018.

Now the ball is in your court. I leave it up to your imagination and judgment to decide which extraordinary rabbit you want to take out of your magical anniversary hat. You want to make the 2018 Anniversary day special, trendy and unforgettable. Our best wishes to you and your spouse. These are the prime anniversary ideas out for 2018.

Anniversary Disasters to Avoid While Planning The Party

Failing to plan an anniversary is planning a failed anniversary! 


Being the host, the entire responsibility of the anniversary party falls on you.

After the wedding, the anniversary is the most important day in a couple’s life.

So, you have to avoid the most common anniversary disasters to avoid on your wedding anniversary. Let’s check out what are they.


Anniversary Disasters to Avoid


Last minute goof ups when hosts are not ready, but guests are already in


  • Food prepared for the guests might get spoiled or get wasted due to any unforeseen situation. The hosts must always guard the food to prevent any mishap. Having a backup arrangement with the nearby restaurant might save the party.


  • If anniversary gifts are not allowed, it must be clearly stated.


  • Even a slight mistake in location, time, date or any other minute detail is going to play spoilsport.


  • As a golden rule, proofread your invitation, again and again, to get everything sorted out. In case wrong invites have gone to the guests, call them up immediately, apologize and inform them about the changes or errors in the invitation.


  • A misprinted invitation card or miscommunicated verbal invite is more than enough to make laughing stock of the anniversary and put you down in front of close friends or relatives.


  • An extremely busy host who just doesn’t have time for attending his guests.


The entire anniversary becomes a joke when the married couple is missing or sitting in a room when the guests are waiting outside to have a glimpse of their unity and bonding.  It’s terrible when the guests are everywhere, and the hosts are not to be seen. As we say, Missing In Action!

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Emergencies knocking at your door on the eve of your wedding anniversary party


You have left everything in pending state until the last day. We guess you are a firm believer in procrastination.


  • The decors are undone, the food arrangements aren’t ready, hiring a band for music, oh shit! You are bound to forget something or the other.


  • Just one awkward situation has to turn up to take the winds out of your anniversary sails. You end with so much to do, and guests have already arrived. How embarrassing!


To avoid such scenes some smart steps like these need to be taken.


  • Buy the food and drinks in advance
  • Take out the clothes and send them to the laundry
  • plan the songs play list weeks before the anniversary
  • Decorate the hall or garden at least a day before the party.
  • Rehearse your anniversary speech to avoid stupid talk when you have been asked to grace the occasion with your words.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Keep your best buddies prepared to help you in the preparations in case of an emergency.


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When the food looks so good, but gives your guests the runs! It ain’t a good look honey!


An anniversary dinner which your guests can’t eat is yet another anniversary disaster to avoid


  • Keeping plenty of nonvegetarian items on the menu when the majority of your guests are vegans.
  • Not taking care of their ailments or food allergies at the time of deciding the menu. Isn’t it pathetic that a diabetes patient goes starving after the anniversary, just because you forgot to keep some sugar free items?
  • Trying to put up a surprise dinner menu without asking for suggestions from the guests at the time of invitation. Personalised dinner arrangements will inevitably transform your anniversary from just okay to fantastic.
  • When it comes to catering for an anniversary, delicacy and diversity go hand in hand.  Different age groups, diverse food choices, the variety of health conditions might call for all types of dishes to satisfy every family.


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Count your guests before they miss the anniversary party


A grand anniversary ceremony becomes lifeless when most of the guests just don’t turn up at the judgment day.


  • RSVPs are absolutely indispensable in modern-day invitations. A timely yes or no from your guests saves food, time and energy. RSVPs don’t guarantee the presence of guests but increase their chances of arrival.


  • Uninvited guests simply don’t fit in a pre-planned anniversary. Check with your invites about the number of people coming along with them for the ceremony. Keep a backup plan for 10 to 15 extra guests and plan accordingly.


  • Mature and assertive ‘no’ is the only respite in case trouble-making menace enters the anniversary scene. Better to avoid these guests politely than putting up a fight in front of other guests.


Keep a close eye on the drunkards, fighters and controversy lovers


Everything is going on joyfully, peacefully without any fuss. What do you are? An out of control guest has transformed the hall into a wrestling arena. Read a few quick fixes to keep these menace machines at bay.


  • Ask one of your friends, relatives or servants to keep an eye on those consuming gallons of wine, as if all the liquor is going to Mars after the anniversary.


  • Be prompt and alert enough to intervene when a heated argument is grabbing eyeballs. That one little argument might make a mess of your dream anniversary.


  • One of your guests might lose common sense and start playing the fool. Don’t just sit and enjoy or your anniversary would turn out to be his day of glory. Every guest would remember that one special character till the next anniversary date.


It’s an entirely different ball game when you arrange the anniversary outdoors. The most significant enemies of an outdoor ceremony are the weather and distractions in the neighborhood. Make arrangements for foul weather, keep checking weather updates, have a chat with the people in the neighborhood, etc.


Once you have applied these basics before the anniversary, disasters would fail for sure, not your anniversary. We hope you enjoyed our post on Anniversary Disasters to avoid, please leave us a comment or tips if you have any to add. And we will add it here!