5 Ultimate Surprising wedding anniversary gift Ideas for brother and sister in law

Surprising wedding anniversary gift ideas for brother and sister in law

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift for someone we love can be challenging at times. This is because we want to give them something that would reflect how much they mean to us. Also, we want to surprise them with our gifts by giving them something unique, something that’s not an easy guess.

We understand that your brother has always been the apple of your eye. But, your small brother has grown up, and he’s a married man now. Choosing birthday gifts and choosing anniversary gifts are not the same. When we are thinking about anniversary gifts, we need to present something that the couple can enjoy together as a team. Couple t-shirts, wine glasses, mugs sets, etc. are listed among those old traditional gifts. You have to think something out of the box.

If you are confused about what to gift your brother and his wife on their anniversary, here are some incredible suggestions for you:

Flight tickets

As a sister, you should know what your brother loves the most, and if it’stravellingg, then you know what to gift him on his anniversary. You can plan a short trip for your brother and his wife during the weekend during the week of their anniversary. Surprise them with two flight tickets to a beautiful hill station or the gorgeous beaches. There is nothing that the couple would appreciate more than this fantastic wedding anniversary gift.

Plan a date night

Here is another excellent idea of a unique wedding anniversary gift. Romance is something a young married couple hunts for and what can be a better way of rekindling the fire between them than sending them on a date night? You can make dinner reservations in a fancy restaurant, and while they are busy eating out, you decorate their room. You can also book a hotel for the night where they can spend quality time without any disturbance after finishing their dinner.


You do not always need to spend money all the time to make someone feel loved. If the couple is blessed with a sweet baby, spending the whole day together without worrying about taking care of their kids has to be their biggest dream on this anniversary. Take care of their kids for the entire day and let them relax in the spa, get dressed up, watch movies, eat out and make love for as long as they want to.

Classes for the lovebirds

It is a well-established fact that couples who do things together are happier than the ones who don’t. Enroll the names of your sister-in-law and brother for taking cooking lessons together or for practicing yoga, or enroll their name for a salsa class.

Make them revise their vows

If your brother has been married for some years, maybe it is time for him to revise his wedding vows with his wife. As a wedding anniversary gift, you can invite close friends and relatives to grace the occasion with their presence. The couple, dressed in the same attires that they wore on their wedding night, can revise their old vows, make changes and take their relationship to a new level.

7 Popular Marriage Anniversary Songs 2018

Fall in love again with these 7 happy marriage anniversary songs

The anniversary is one of the most special occasions in our life. So, we always want it to be perfect with a romantic setting. Music has a direct connection with our soul and mind. So, without soulful music, a perfect romantic ambience cannot be created. Different genres of music change the entire feel of that particular night. Therefore, you have to choose the best playlist of romantic wedding anniversary songs. You can feel that magic in the air. You can start with smooth R&B, or you can even start with a pop song. We have brought 7 happy marriage anniversary songs for you. These songs will surely give you a clear idea of how your anniversary playlist should be. All the Audio CDs are available at Amazon.

7  Happy marriage anniversary songs for you

  • Natalie Cole’s This Will Be


It’s a classic from 1975 performed by Natalie Cole. This poppy love classic will make you and your beloved laugh and dance together. This incredible song is also a beautiful manifestation of all your experiences and memories as a loving married couple on your anniversary night.

  • Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One

If you want to manifest your love for your beloved partner on this special day, you should play this song “You’re Still The One.” It’s a song from 1998. This particular song wonderfully showcases the meaning of true love. Even after spending so many years together how much one can mean to other.



  • Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love

Elvis Presley’s love ballad is a perfect romantic song to play on your wedding anniversary day. Love is the base of a healthy relationship. So, in spite of spending so many years together if you can’t resist yourself falling in love with your companion, this song deserves to be there in your playlist.



  • The Beatles’s When I’m Sixty-Four


Among various hits of the Beatles, When I’m Sixty-Four is one of the bests. From the name of the song, you may think that this one is only for the old couple. But, it’s actually for newly married who wants to grow older together happily, with full of love and romance.

  • Sonny And Cher’s I Got You, Babe

Sonny And Cher, the lovely couple and the two iconic personalities from the 1960s gifted us this fantastic anniversary song named I Got You, Babe. It’s a full package. In short, it’s romantic as well as sentimental, perfect to play on this lovely occasion.



  • Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley’s (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

Do you remember that iconic movie Dirty Dancing? This movie made them famous. This particular pop ballad has terrific lyrics that tell what you feel for your partner. You’ve never felt in this way before. Your anniversary is the right time to manifest this love for your beloved partner through this romantic song in front of everyone.


  • K-Ci & JoJo’s All My Life

If you have spent your whole life to find the right life partner then “All My Life” from 1997 will serenade your beloved how much he or she means to you.


These songs are capable enough to set your mood for that night. You can choose slow ballads that will make you feel relaxed while upbeat pop will make you dance with your love. No matter what you choose, your love will inevitably fall in love with you again on this anniversary night.