Top 10 Cute, Surprise, Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend

By | 02/24/2018

Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend
Whether it is Valentine’s Day gifts or choosing the best anniversary gifts for girlfriends’, men often struggle to decide what to pick. This task is a real mystery. A thoughtful and romantic gift will surely win your girlfriend’s heart and make her fall in love with you all over again. Is your anniversary coming up and you’re worried that you haven’t picked out a gift for your girlfriend? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with some of the best anniversary gifts for your lucky girlfriend.

Whether it’s from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years anniversary gifts or not, we will definitely share great ideas with you. We want to help you make even your first anniversary gift for your girlfriend a cute, creative, fun filled, and thoughtful experience for the both of you.

Here you’ll find the unique list the top 10 anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Take a look.


If your girlfriend’s tooth is as sweet as her nature, then this is the perfect gift for her. You can get your girlfriend a heart shaped tin box filled with an assortment of individually wrapped chocolates. You may also get a box of customized chocolates for your girlfriend. It is one of the classic anniversary gifts that never go out of style, so it has seized the first position in this list. Or get a little creative and get some chocolate covered strawberries, or chocolate covered bananas to enjoy together.


Our second choice on this unique list is a bottle of champagne. An anniversary calls for a celebration. Giving champagne to your girlfriend on the anniversary is the best way to convey that you are feeling celebratory. A bottle of champagne not only marks romantic anniversary gifts but it is also very classy.

Bouquets and Flowers

A well-crafted flower bouquet can help you celebrate all the years that you have spent with your girlfriend. Flowers always counted to be one of the best anniversary gifts. Roses are not only the old school traditional gifts, but they also express love. You may also go for sunflowers as they symbolize love and adoration. Alternatively, you may go for purple lilies which symbolize passion.

​ImageProduct Name and DescriptionProduct Link
best chocolate truffles online

GoDiva Chocolate Truffles Most Gifted on Amazon
There's not much she can complain about it if your supplying her with this big 12 piece assorted truffles from GoDiva. It differs the taste of a regular Hershey's Kiss or Snickers Bar but she will now that you had enough thought to get her something that sets her apart.

Check price
Non Alcoholic Wine

Non Alcoholic Wine
If you are non-alcoholics together and would like to pop some bubbly on anniversary day. There is always something small, cheap, and subtle at Walmart. Or you can try something from the liquor store. Or also, order straight to your door on your special day to try a variety of different champagnes on your romantic night.

Custom Anniversary Date Necklace

His Her Custom Anniversary Date Necklace
It's common that a large percent of men in general don't always remember anniversary dates, with this necklace for both of you to share. You can customize it with the date of your first anniversary, something you both can share and remind you daily. Not exactly marriage date just yet, but close enough commitment.

52 inch Huge Teddy Bear

52 inch Huge Teddy Bear
Divine and extraordinary traits with the 52 inch GIant Teddy Bear (room to hide a hidden camera/nanny cam, in case of emergencies, we understand), give her a bear to remember you by if your away from each other. Something with your scent for her to hold onto at night with your aromas.

The Photographers Playbook

The Photographers Playbook
A wonderful read which is full of lots and lots of ideas for the phtographer. Lead your wife to successful, original photos full of excitement through assignments listed in this easy book. She'll have lots of fun with photos.

Photo Cube with Oil Warmer

Photo Cube with Oil Warmer
Fill up the memory box with meaningful pictures of the both of you, one of your first date, first home together, first baby, any event that you consider "memorable" to be added with the wickless candle in the center. A wonderful item to add decor to an office desk at work or above the cozy fireplace.

Mermaid Bath Bomb

Mermaid Bath Bomb
You can always book her a wonderful relaxing day at the spa by calling your local spas nearby, or check out for reviews in your area. But display the mermaid love potion bath bomb to her to enjoy in the tub, after it dissolves she will be delighted to find a ring surprise within. A 2 for 1 deal.

Girls Toolkit

Girls Toolkit
Give praise to your woman who knows her way around the kitchen and home repairs. There's no shame if you don't and she does. If you're possibly buying your first home together? This small tool set compliments your home to have for small fixtures that arise and need attention when your not around.

Canon S120 best price

Canon S120
If she has a passion for becoming a Vlogger, this camera is one of the TOP most used for popular YouTubers starting out.

Bath Bomb with Ring Inside

Bath Bomb with Ring Inside Love Potion Extra Large 10 oz.
Bath bombs have been popping up around the world like crazy, the cool thing about this mermaid Daydream is that it comes a surprise me ring inside. She can relax in the tub and find that sparkly ring in the water, or you can always swap it out for an engagement ring. Just some ideas.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay-Facials

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay-Facials
When she's mentioned the Aztec facial, this is the exact thing she is talking about. This easy ingredient was made for deep cleaning of pores and a healing body mask. This is worth the shot for the both of you to try together to improve the skin.

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner Trending

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner Trending
When we say convenient and quick, we mean convenient and quick. A trending gift on social media is the makeup brush cleaner. As easy as 3 simple steps, she will love this as it will save she and you time she takes cleaning her brushes while applying makeup to go out for the night together. A simple yet rewarding gift for the lovely lady.

Tamagotchi Amazon

Tamagotchi from the 90s
If she is a 90's baby, then she will ALL THE WAY appreciate this pleasant surprise! Back then, this baby was the talk of every kid around the block. Much cheaper than a puppy but nourishing to the soul with this cyberspace pet, the old school Tamagotchi. A classic to bring back her childhood and get her extremely pleased.

best acoustic guitar for girlfriend

Yamaha FG820 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Sunset Blue
If she has shown even a slight interest in the acoustic guitar, fuel her curiosity with her very own beautiful Sunset Blue Yamaha FG820, it's appeasing to look at and quite relaxing to hear. Or strum a few tunes together.

LED Word Clock Displays Time As Text

LED Word Clock 8" x 8" - Displays Time As Text
She will stand out with the LED World Clock to amaze guests who visit the home of your queen. Forget the old traditional ways of hands and numbers with the most creative concept yet for a clock.

Disney Mug

Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Chip Ceramic Mug
Disney Lovers and Fanatics of Beauty & The Beast, presenting CHIP off the old block with this clever teacup of Chip very well made we might add.

Zen and Sand Rock Rake

Zen and Sand Rock Rake
Remember the days you used to walk on the sand and leave footprints together? the Zen Sand Rocks Garden Kit is an excellent decoration and fiddler for the countertop, makes a cute uncommon good that stands out. Something to leave her daily messages on to remind her of your passionate love for her.

Almost Adulting

Almost Adulting
A genius book on adulting for the girlfriend can be a fun way to express humor to her and give her a great read for the younger generation in age. No matter what age, love is love.

Coco Rose Body Polish Sugar Scrub

All Natural Coco Rose Body Polish / Sugar Scrub>
This may not be lotion but every gal loves a great moisturizer to get her skin feeling soft and silky smooth for her man to touch and graze, why not give her something to exfoliate and enjoy with this lovely scrub

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Floating Bluetooth Speaker
The champagne levitating pod makes this floating bluetooth speaker an exclusive way for her to play music, listen to podcasts, and videos through. A great conversation starter to all her friends and loved ones with the levitating speaker.

Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze - Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool
An unmatched and uncomparable way to have workouts and alleviate back pain, she can try something brand new with the yoga trapeze. If yoga is a hobby of hers she enjoys very much, then the yoga body is right up her alley. This is unforgettable.

Taste Macaroons

Taste Macaroons "Paris in your home"
Attention all foodies, here we have 25 lovely and very colorful macaroons. As said with the package, she can have A Taste of Paris from Home. Macaroon lovers delight!

Back Massaging Cushion

Nail Acrylic Powder
Manicures and pedicures, this delightful package comes with the DipWell Starter kit, a distinctively creative way of painting her nails. Instead of brushing them on carefully, all she has to do is dip her nails with the DipWell kit. A fun way for girls manicure time.

Portable Instant Print Digital Camera with LCD Touchscreen Display

Polaroid Snap Pictures Kit with Accessories
A very cute and PINK snap touch Polaroid brand camera to grant her with instant gratification with this item, she can take anywhere and store it in her purse to snap pictures on the go with printing capabilities.

Audio Tape to MP3 Converter

Audio Tape to MP3 Converter
If you still have that old mixtape you recorded for her as your first gift for whatever occasion all those years ago, then this retro walkman turns any tape into an MP3 version. A nostalgic way to lift her spirits back into the old days of great hits you loved to listen to together.

​Sex Checkbook

Sex Checkbook
Checks to balance the bedroom life, a funny gag item to present and get her giggling about or cashing out together. Something to spice up the romance in your marriage/relationship.

Humidifier Amazon Choice

Humidifier Amazon Choice
Climate change can drastically affect anyone during moves from different states, if this is a case you can both relate to, then the levoit humidifier with the characteristic to tell you the actual humidity around you is just what she needs.

Promise Ring

Promise Ring
Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring, Wonder-ing..... How about a promise ring? Give her something that shows for your anniversary this year, she's everything to you. Even if your not quite ready to tie the knot ll the way. Give her something that represents you are HER'S with this promise ring.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U
Your girlfriend a game lover? And your trying to do something extra special this anniversary, get her her very own nintendo wii U that way you can play together. Or have your own console to yourself in a different room.

Facial Equipment

Black Flask for Men
Trending online now for women's facial care. The cupping set, she loves the skin she's in. Help her take care of her skin by benefiting her with this beautifully shown cuppins kit for the full face and body.


Nothing can go wrong with the classic gift of jewelry. Depending on your budget for anniversary gifts, you may choose between metals like silver, gold, and platinum. To make the gift thoughtful, you can customize the jewelry by getting your initials or the anniversary date engraved on it. She will love the fact of something shiny and cute as a gift.

Mixed Tape

A mixed tape is undoubtedly one of the most romantic gifts, and that is why it is in the 5th position of our list. It will not only be secure in your pocket, but it will also be a very intimate gesture of love. You can add the songs that remind you of your girlfriend or the songs that you feel describe your relationship with her. You can also add her favourite love songs. You are bound to make your girlfriend’s day if you gift her mixed tape.


Now if you have got a bibliophile as a girlfriend, books are the sure shot one of the best anniversary gifts for her. A book will convey your feelings without you having to write anything. Picking out the right book for your literary lady is crucial. You may also amaze her with a signed copy of a book by her favorite author.

Soft Toy

If you or your girlfriend is a fan of grand romantic gestures, then getting her a giant life-size teddy bear holding a heart that says “I LOVE YOU” will be one of the best anniversary gifts for her. Soft toys come in several shapes, sizes and colors. A Cuddly Panda or a Bear will definitely make your anniversary day extra-special.

Photo Cube

Presenting a photo cube to your girlfriend on the anniversary will earn you the title of the boyfriend of the year. A rotating photo cube is an ideal gift for your girlfriend. So turn your romantic memories into an anniversary gift and make your anniversary memorable.

Spa Passes

The spa is a classic way to pamper your lovely lady. If you are looking for the best anniversary gifts, then you can grab a couple’s pass to the spa! She will positively appreciate the effort that you have made an effort to spend a day of relaxation and recreation with her. Check out our last surprise on this unique list.

Dinner Date

This one is an excellent anniversary gift that will take her breath away. It works really well if she is a foodie who loves binging on delicious food. Gift her a candlelight dinner, and there will be nothing more romantic than that. Better yet, you can grab a few bottles of her favorite wine and cook up your best dishes for you to savor. It will be an entirely delightful experience.

Which one of these anniversary gift ideas will you try? Be thoughtful and creative in your choice and you’ll be sure to make her dreams come true being with you!

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