The 1st Anniversary Ideas and celebrating it after being cheated on the first time

By | 05/11/2018

The first anniversary ideas and celebrating it after being cheated on for the first time.

It is said that, “the first year is the hardest” in marriage. And for some it could be right, but for other’s we’re lucky enough to go through the first year together smooth sailing.

They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. For some that may be true, and for others that may be a little tougher to do.

1st Anniversary Ideas

I have been married twice now. The first marriage, my first husband was in the military. I had heard of stories of what could happen overseas with men in the military (no offense to others however). Little did I know for the longest time, my spouse was doing the most right here at home.

I would wake up to nights where my first spouse would leave late at night. We were young getting married, and it was a lot of emotional stress. I changed completely as a person, I never smiled anymore. I was always crying.

We were together for two years, before marrying, then separating after 6 months, and divorcing at month 11. Let’s just say that I was LUCKY to have been saved from an evil human being. We surely didn’t celebrate a first year of marriage at all together.

The beauty about getting beat down is, once you’re at your lowest point of life. There’s nowhere to go but UP! And that’s exactly what happened.

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And then 5 years later, I married the man I was definitely meant to be with.

You know how I knew?!

I knew because after we had met through a mutual friend from work, which was a great start! At the time, I was career oriented. I was working at a sales company, I had passed by my husband a few times at work but never got the feeling to advance with him in a more personal setting. It also just wasn’t my style.

That was until he left the company three months after seeing him. I worked for a company that had each individual sign a document for no fraternization with other employees, and doing so would be a cause for termination. I thank my husband for saving me from that misguided career sham.

It had felt as though, the manager was just recruiting college students to believe that selling products door to door would be their way to becoming a millionaire consultant.

The more each person sold for that office, the manager would get a huge percentage back.

In all honesty it felt like a mother manager with children fighting for her love and attention through sales.

And in no way, shape, or form is this to belittle those in sales or anything like that.

It just wasn’t my cup of tea after I had realized the kind of person I was working for, she just wasn’t someone I believed in.

The First Encounter: 

I was invited over to a house party with a coworker, my husband now working at another company. Our very first game we played the night we were officially introduced was beer pong. He was sober, and just such an easy going and friendly person to talk to. After drinks that night my attraction to him grew immensely.

The next night we separated and went to a birthday party and met up. We hung out for a bit and decided to hang out the very next day.

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Tru-TV’s Impractical Jokers was our show on the couch for our first date.

The First Date

April 18th: On this day the we decided to both hang out sober, he picked me up from my house at the time. And we sat on the couch for hours just talking and talking and talking. We also watched “Impractical Jokers.” It felt like I met my best friend forever. It was very romantic to just sit there with a friend on the couch. We had a sleepover that night. And next thing I knew, tomorrow was here.

I received a text message about hanging out again. And on that day, I moved in lol. We had talked about getting married days after meeting each other. And what do ya know? We married a year and 10 days to the day we met on April 28th, the following year.

It was blissful!

The First Date, Rules Of The First Date,

Let’s just be honest I broke all the rules on our first date. We sat around on a couch all night. 😉

Our first anniversary together! 

For our first anniversary, I woke up to a super duper Mr. Clean home, it was spotless. My husband then asked me to get dressed and got a sitter for the baby, and took us out to dinner together. My husband really isn’t the romance type, but he sure did bring his A-game for our first year.

When your first marriage is nothing but insecurity, lies, and games. It makes the second marriage all the more better to enjoy. You’re just in heaven and nothing can go wrong.

A few tips to celebrating the 1st year together:

Be grateful for each other: Celebrating the 1st anniversary with your second husband after being cheated on is a landmark for the both of you. You proved to yourself that you can love again, and love hard. First and foremost after being cheated on, being grateful to each other is a great reminder that you. Just love and relish in the fact that you are with someone new and it’s a hell of a lot better than the first. I would just tell him as much as you can how grateful you are to be with him.

Do something Simple: Okay so obviously we went out to our favorite restaurant together for our anniversary (I mean I did just push out a newborn 6 weeks prior, so you know full well my body was still healing from being stretched open in ways I’d never experienced). Even if your favorite restaurant is part of the fast food chain. Enjoy food together. “The Way to A Man’s Heart is Through his Stomach” says some.

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Buy some new lingerie and dance for your man: Give him an unforgettable show. You can always spice things up with, things like whips, and straps. Lol only if you’re both into that sort of thing or wanting to experiment. You don’t absolutely have to, but it’s ALWAYS fun to get freaky in the bedroom.

Create A Wish Jar: I absolutely love to write letters and sticky notes about how much I love my husband. I leave it in random areas of our house, in his lunch box, and even in places like the bathroom when he gets up to get ready for work.

Throughout the year prior, I watched him every day and wrote one good thing about him that I saw in that day. I wrote it down on a piece of paper then dated it, and put it into a home made jar. Now everyday, he comes home for lunch. He pulls a piece out to read. And absolutely loves it!

Make A World Map: Buy a Map this year and together with tacks you can both chose places you’d like to travel to and make a goal to remove a tack each anniversary year.

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Just remember that when celebrating your first year anniversary together after being cheated on. Don’t relive the past. You’re stronger than ever being put through the pain during your first marriage. Don’t take it out on your second marriage. Make new memories together, and don’t compare him to your last. And you’ll have way more happier anniversaries together throughout the years to celebrate.

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