Anniversary trends in vogue for the 2018 Year

Celebrating a wedding anniversary has been an unscathed tradition since ancient times. So you are planning to gift a golden ring or platinum earrings to your spouse, sitting comfortably and having good dinner at a restaurant. I wonder if there is any difference between you and the Greeks or Romans from the pre-Christ era.

In the year 2018, we need to have a close look at the bounty of options available to raise a toast for the longstanding union between you and your spouse. I guess you are reading this article because you don’t want to follow the prehistoric anniversary ideas and finish things off. What’s the novel thought that will make your anniversary a classy event in 2018? A few catchy tips and tricks of the ‘impress your spouse on the anniversary day’ game are here. Kindly read on.

Just don’t bring that obvious white cake for the anniversary.
In 2018, anniversary cakes are out with futuristic shapes and designs to attract one, and all by its killer looks. We have come up with an exclusive list of contemporary anniversary cakes for your 2018 anniversary party.

1) Dripping cakes

Chocolate dripping and multi-colored cake base are quickly becoming the favorite applied designs for any event. Why not use it for this anniversary?

2) Shaggy look

This cute cake can get you more Facebook likes than the anniversary pics. It’s a creative and insane cake making idea.
Every thread is hanging because the cake has been frosted with utmost diligence to get the ‘shaggy’ anniversary cake look.

3) Edible flowers garnished with cactuses and succulents

This anniversary cake looks more like a miniature botanical garden, appreciated wholeheartedly by nature loving romantic couples. Herbs, edible flowers, cactus leaves and succulents can be seen all around. This cake goes well with outdoor anniversary parties and rustic anniversary themes.

4) Ombre cakes are the latest innovation in cake making

Ombre is a new term in cake making and implies the mingling of several shades and colors. It has many variants like edible flowers, cornflowers, etc.

5) Celestial cakes with black colors

A space themed anniversary party calls for a cake made in space. Black colored cake base with different layers gives you the thrill of space adventure and a loud wow from your spouse.

Other than anniversary cakes, these ideas will rule the roost in 2018.

• Scavenger hunt with your family

Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt leaving clues at every point and finally leading to her anniversary gift. This is a fun-filled adventurous way of enjoying your anniversary in 2018.

• Discover new places this anniversary
Taking a much-needed vacation to your dream destination may not always be possible due to financial and work commitments. Be smart and scoot off to a new destination nearby, which doesn’t cost a fortune.

• Dare to start a new activity, learn a new skill together

If your heart is in its right place, I mean if you are in a healthy condition, you can try daredevil stuff like bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing together. For couples with a mild temperament, joining a salsa class or taking piano tuitions is the flawless idea for the 2018 anniversary.

• Heal your mind with silence and peace

Rejuvenating body and soul at a meditation center is not a bad idea at all, especially if you have had enough of phone calls, traffic jams and noise pollution throughout the year2018. Cut yourself from hectic schedules and spend the entire anniversary day looking into each other’s eyes or laughing together at old jokes.

• Get a special tattoo for spouse this anniversary
Just like 2017, the year 2018 is in the grip of newlyweds and lovers getting the name of their beloved engraved on their body parts. Contemporary tattoo artists designing the most unique images can be hired for the special day to get your body engraved with the name of your spouse.

anniversary gift ideas 2018

• Going for a night out together might be the perfect spice in your anniversary cuisine.
Relive your teenage days with a night out to your favorite restaurant, spend the whole night dancing in a disco club, book movie tickets for the late-night show or join an ongoing party on a cruise ship taking pics of the titanic pose are some of the crazy things you might try.

A parting note

We hope that you are all set for the grand anniversary celebrations in 2018.

Now the ball is in your court. I leave it up to your imagination and judgment to decide which extraordinary rabbit you want to take out of your magical anniversary hat. You want to make the 2018 Anniversary day special, trendy and unforgettable. Our best wishes to you and your spouse. These are the prime anniversary ideas out for 2018.