6 Time-tested Anniversary etiquette’s for any wedding party

This post is not for those who care a damn about any event and find it strange to adjust to any party or get together. A wedding anniversary party embarks upon the unity of a married couple, who stood beside each other throughout the year. Every social get-together demands a certain mannerism which makes the day unique. Let’s discuss a few simple and traditionally proven anniversary etiquettes that apply for any anniversary party.

Invite your guests like kings and queens

  • Invitations must be sent out in advance, at least three to four weeks before the event. Guests must get ample time to plan for the event. Guests, who are invited from other places, must be assured that they would be picked up from the railway station or airport. Surprise invitations might be embarrassing as most guests might have planned something else.
  • Formal invites are mandatory when you want the party to be the most significant event, including your colleagues, business partners, etc.
  • Every detail must be clear and precise. Whether gifts are allowed, or guests without Anniversary gifts stuff.
  • Suppose the theme is 60s fashion, guests must be told about that at the invite itself.

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Don’t forget the dinner table rules as an anniversary etiquette.


  • Traditionally, the eldest son sits beside mother, and eldest daughter sits beside her father. Only close friends or relatives, probably within the family must get a place on the same table.
  • Location is the most crucial aspect. If the wedding unity ceremony is to be held outdoors, then arranging enough chairs for all the guests is essential. If the celebration is planned indoors, you can shift furniture and ensure enough space for the guests.
  • Ask anyone who has ever hosted an anniversary party, the same holds true for the hosts. Once the time is finalised, all the other arrangements must be in place before the arrival of guests.
  • It’s the manners and the punctuality of the guests which matters the most. None of your guests would cherish a lavish wedding ceremony in a rude, mannerless host.

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Anniversary speech etiquette, not a boring college lecture. An anniversary speech is like a curtain raiser to the delightful evening. Hosts need to be cautious before preparing the welcome speech for the ceremony.


  • Primarily, it should be short and sweet or you might see yawning faces in the crowd.
  • Well written and beautifully narrated speech is bound to find a special place in the memory of the guests.
  • Dull and boring remarks must be avoided, unless you are singing a lullaby to put your guests to sleep.
  • The best approach is to let the married couple share their experiences over the last year. Better to listen about the couple’s experiences, hardships, challenges and make them feel special on the anniversary day.
  • Distractions, more often than not, spoil the entire evening. All other work must be put aside to divert all energies towards the event.

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Gift with love, not with pride.


Without any doubt, it is important to buy the best gift your purse or wallet can afford, taking care of these little things will make your anniversary gift more special.


  • Don’t insist the couple open the gift in front of everybody. Trust me; they may not like it all.


  • Let your anniversary gift be a secret until it is opened up by the hosts later in the evening. Don’t spill the beans, even if some other guests intimidate you.


  • Your anniversary gift must be an impeccable guess on the couple’s personality and what’s missing in their wish list. Discussing the gift idea with fellow guests is not a bad idea at all. Please don’t follow shortcuts on the internet which goes like this ‘5 best gifts for an anniversary in the world.’ Think about everything starting from their age, finances, no of years in marriage, education, etc.

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Dress smart, be the perfect guest


Instead of dressing up like a big shot from the Wall Street, dress according to the event, location, weather and last but not the least according to the couple’s liking, if possible.


  • Flashy and awkward dressing sense is a 100% guarantee that people will laugh on your back. Even straightforward camaraderie can take place.


  • Don’t go against the dress code and look like an odd man out. In case you cannot get along with it, graciously apologize to the hosts. No point in getting into an argument.


  • Worn out clothes, a terrible one-liner on t-shirts, formal office suits might irritate your hosts.


Score well and impress your hosts at the dinner table


If you really wish to be in the good books of the married couple, please heed to these simple tips.


  • Be a good listener and let the couple do most of the talking.


  • Don’t start lecturing on your married life and anniversaries.


  • Precisely framed short but intelligent questions will make you a sought-after guest for the next anniversary.


  • Informal tone, soft-spoken speech always brings a good name for the speaker; why not light up the evening with your sense of humor and nasty remarks.


Last but not the least, leave the party sweetly and softly. Sometimes people mark themselves as a ‘loudspeaker’ at every other ceremony. Don’t forget to have a small chat with the married couple. Tell them what was good about the anniversary and take leave with a heart-warming hug or handshake.

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A phone call or an email on the following day is garnishing your host would cherish on his salad.


Here you have it with our top 6 List of Anniversary Etiquette. Comment on some of your own Anniversary Etiquette and share it with us here!