First year gifts. one year wedding gifts, paper gifts for first anniversary

1st Wedding Anniversary – Paper

1st Wedding Anniversary – Paper

First year gifts. one year wedding gifts, paper gifts for first anniversary

It’s been a year since you said “I do” and you’ve just gotten used to calling each other husband and wife. This will be your first-anniversary gift, so you feel the need to think of something really special. Well, don’t worry, cause we have thought of it for you. The traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary is paper, so let’s look at all the ways you can use this. The interlaced connection of the individual threads of the paper is strong, and paper symbolizes that strength. That is why it is a theme for a first anniversary.  Marriage is not a piece of paper, but if it was, what kind of paper would it be? Here are some ideas for the paper gifts for your anniversary.

1. Tickets

Tickets are made of paper, right? Well, you can use them as a first-anniversary gift. Buy your partner tickets to see a show or go to a concert. You can even buy airplane tickets. What’s a better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than to travel to a new and exotic destination by plane and have your second honeymoon? What’s great about this gift is that it can be something simple like tickets to a concert of their favorite band or tickets to a Broadway show or a grand gesture such as airplane tickets for a second honeymoon. The choice is up to you, and what better way to honor the tradition of giving a paper gift for your first anniversary?

2. Letters

You don’t have to buy anything for your partner on your first wedding anniversary. Sounds wrong, right? In fact, it’s not, cause you can always give something that came straight from your heart. How about writing them a romantic letter? Say everything that you’ve been meaning to tell them but never had the chance. Write them a poem if you feel inspired, or just say how you feel about them and how much has this past year meant to you. Tell them how many more anniversaries you plan to celebrate by their side. If you’re not much of a writer, you can always find help online, but don’t worry too much about it. It doesn’t matter that the letter is correctly written, what matters is that the words came from your heart. Don’t forget to spray a little of your perfume on the letter, and if you’re looking for a present for your husband, be sure to put on some lipstick and seal it with a kiss.

3. Love coupons

Are you familiar with love coupons? It’s another gift that you don’t have to buy because you can make it yourself. Just think of everything your partner could want from you and write it down on pieces of paper. There are a lot of ways for you to get creative and decorate the papers and the box or envelop they came in. The important part is for you to write down everything that you can do for your partner. For instance, one coupon could be for a massage while the other one is for watching a movie of their choice. You can write down basically anything that comes to mind, as long as it is something that your partner would love to get from you. That way, you are giving them a lot of presents as one. Still, keep in mind that you’ll have to do the thing that you wrote when your partner decides to use a coupon. Make sure to make them without an expiration date, because your love doesn’t have one either.

4. Portrait

There are many artists who offer their work at low prices. You can have them draw a portrait of you and your spouse. Make sure to choose the best picture of you two and send it to the artist so they could make the portrait. You can always get creative even with this present. It will be something that will be hanging on your wall that looks much better than a photograph. So, make sure to choose the perfect frame. While you’re at it, have a caricature of you two made as well. It will be something funny that will show how much you enjoy everything that’s fun. If you don’t like the portrait idea, how about having a comic made about the two of you? If your partner is into comic books, this will be the best present they could possibly think of! Lucky for them, you have found this article!

Marriage Diary for 1 year anniversary5. Marriage Diary 

If you’re feeling creative, you can always make them a diary of your first year together as a married couple. Don’t forget to include how you met and the time when you were just a boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s how your marriage diary should begin. Put pictures in it and write down some of the details that mean a lot to you two. You can put one picture on every page and write down the things that were important about that period of time. What’s great about this gift is that you can keep giving every year. How? Well, you can keep writing in the marriage diary for as long as you are married. It might not seem like such a big deal to you right now, but you will really appreciate it once you’re an old couple. It’s something your kids and grandkids can enjoy watching while listening to the story of how you two first met and how it ended up to be the greatest love story in the world. Now you can have that love story in the form of a marriage diary!

So, now that you know what paper gifts you can give to your spouse on your first wedding anniversary let’s look at ideas for celebrating this special time you had together. Here they are:


                       Relive your wedding day for your first anniversary1. Relive your wedding day

It’s a tradition for married couples to eat the top tier of their wedding cake on their first anniversary. If you still have it, find a romantic spot where you can eat it. How about 

at the place where you got engaged? Still, don’t feel too bad about it if you haven’t saved the top tier of your wedding cake. You can still relieve your wedding day by watching your wedding video. Set up a romantic mood, open a bottle of champagne, light some candles, and enjoy reliving your wedding day. Don’t forget to look through your wedding album as well. If you’re up for it, you can always dance to the song you danced on at your wedding. How about reading your vows as well? There’s no limit to how you can recreate that special day when you said “I do” and promised eternity to each other.


                                      2. Have a second honeymoon

Does your honeymoon seem to have been so long ago? Time really does fly by when you’re married, but the beautiful experience you had on your honeymoon can be recreated. You deserve to enjoy your love the best way possible – on vacation to a faraway land. Traveling is always a good idea, and you can surprise your spouse with airplane tickets to your second honeymoon. It’s a traditional paper gift, a vacation, and a grand romantic gesture. Everyone talks about the honeymoon phase, but what they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t have to end. Spend some time away from everything and let there be just the two of you.

3. Throw a party

It’s great when it’s just the two of you, but you’ll have plenty of time to be just of the two of you since you’re spending the rest of your lives together. Why not celebrate your first wedding anniversary with all of your friends and family? Okay, maybe not all of them that were celebrating with you on your wedding day, but at least make a small party with the closest friends. You can have a toast to your first year together as a married couple and to many more that are yet to come. If you miss the attention and crowd you had on your wedding day, this is a perfect opportunity for you to recreate that event in a more moderate way. I’m sure that your friends will have a toast or a few ready for you as well!

picnic celebration for anniversary4. Go back to the place where it all began

You can have a date at the restaurant where you had your first date or book a room at the hotel where you got married. Where did you get engaged? You can have a picnic there and renew your vows. Most importantly, talk about how it was when you first met. Talk about all the things that happened during this year of marriage and how you got to the point where you were married in the first place. But don’t stop there! Don’t forget to talk about the future as well.

5. Start an anniversary tradition

Speaking about the future, this is the perfect moment for you two to start an anniversary tradition. Choose something that you’ll do for your first anniversary that you’ll continue doing for all the ones that are yet to come. Think about what you hadn’t done as a couple when you were just dating and do it now that you are married so you could do it again every year. How about going away for a weekend or drinking the champagne you drank on your wedding day?

Happy first anniversary!

Comment below with some of your ideas for a first time anniversary or if you’d already had it, share with us!