10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him And Her

The big 10 is here for you! If you have been married for this long, it is unquestionably a reason to celebrate the occasion with much pomp and enthusiasm. Touching the milestone of a 10th Wedding Anniversary not only means that you have spent a decade together, but you are now entering the double digits of companionship. Ideally, you should be well-acquainted with your partner’s likes and dislikes; if you are still looking for unique Anniversary Giftsor ideas then you have come to the right place!

Traditionally, the 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts should be made from tin or aluminum and you may feel restricted by choice of gifts you may have. But you shouldn’t be, just because it is metal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t think out of the box. Moreover, as per modern traditions, 10th Anniversary Gifts may also be made of diamonds! Here are some fantastic 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas to inspire you for the D-day.

Unique 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Her


Engraved Jewelry

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The best thing about jewelry is that you can have it personalized as per her taste. You can obviously choose a more costly metal like gold or platinum or if your budget is tight, settle for silver. The possibilities and creativities are boundless when it comes to engraving. You can engrave your names, the date when you first met, and if you are forgetful, even your wedding date! Jewelry is always in fashion. That is why this one is recognized as the most reliable idea for Wedding Anniversary Gifts.


10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

If she is not the kind who is fond of jewelry, then you can gift her silverware. Get a good set of your initials or wedding date engraved on it. Thus, whenever you will have a full feast and bring out the fancy crockery that will remind you of the big day. This one is one of the most practical Anniversary Gifts. If you are on a low budget, but would still like to give this idea a try, you can just get a pair of silver spoons. One big and one small and put it in a box with a note “Spooning since <year of marriage>” It will be a real testament to the love you share. This gift will surely make her laugh and also warm her heart.

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Unique 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him


Personalized Cufflinks

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

If your man likes to dress chic and fancy, there is nothing better than gifting him silver cufflinks to commemorate this special day. You can simply engrave it with his initials, and nothing would make him happier to see his brand all over the cufflinks. If he is not the cufflinks kind but does wear formal clothing, then you can gift him a tie tack. Personalized tie pins are entirely affordable and recognized to be a perfect anniversary gift.

Digital Gifts

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

If your partner is a techie and cannot stop raving about the new gadgets and devices making an entrance at the market, then you can dump traditional Anniversary Gifts to give him what he loves best. Electronics are the new Pokémon where you need to have them all, and enough is never enough. Whether it is a new phone, an eBook reader, or a video game; he is going to love any of these.

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for them



10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Whether you have known the couple intimately or you are just attending the event out of social courtesy, when it comes to 10 Anniversary Gift, you can never go wrong. There are so many frames available in the market that choosing one will become a hassle! So here’s a trick: if you are on excellent terms with the couple, then you can get something personalized framed for them. Otherwise, you may stick to ones having generic quotes.

Kitchen Essentials

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

It’s genuinely understandable that the couple may already have a settled household, but don’t let that discourage you from gifting them any kitchen product as Anniversary Gifts! You can choose from a range of items like personalized aprons, pottery, crystal ware, and even appliances that are used around the kitchen. From cutting boards to slow cookers, you can choose anything that will fit your budget.